About Us

Our roots start back over 35 years ago in nearly the same New York City neighborhood. Our address has changed several times due to buildings being bought and sold. Regardless,  we stayed in the same neighborhood. We like it here. Gold Star Fragrances, Inc., formerly Gold Star Imports, is a family-owned business and an established leader in providing quality fragrance oil.

Over the years, we have served many thousands of satisfied customers in the US and around the world. Gold Star Fragrances online shop now has around 1000 unique scents (and counting). Our shop also offers a variety of  other quality products.

The Gold Star Fragrances Website is an extension of our New York store front and a continuation of our effort to bring quality discount fragrance products to everyone.

You can purchase our fragrance oils and essential oils in one-, four-, eight- and sixteen-ounce sizes (larger sizes are available by request). You can also find an assortment of fragrance-related products such incense oils, massage oils, body lotions and shower gel in the same scent. We also sell unscented fragrance oil for those that want to mix their own.

Gold Star Fragrances continuously updates this site with new fragrance oil types and new products from around the world. If you want to know about new fragrances or specials, sign up for our newsletter on the home page or on the Support Contact page.

If you have a scent or product suggestion, let us know through our customer Support Contact Page. Or feel free to call us during normal work hours Monday through Friday at 212-279-4474. We are available six days a week. See our schedule on the Support Contact page.