Disclaimer Art

The following list disclaimers regarding our products. These are subject to change without notice.

Copyright and Trademarks

Gold Star does not make any claim regarding the scents found on this site to be from or created by a specific manufacturer.  The name, trademarks, and copyrights are properties of the respective manufacturers and/or designers. Gold Star Fragrances, Inc. has no affiliation with these manufacturers/designers. We only interpret these fragrances through chemical analysis with the purpose of providing the customer with the idea of scent character.

There is no intent to mislead or confuse the customer to believe these fragrances are from a specific manufacturers or company. There is no intent to infringe on the manufacturers/ designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not state that our fragrances oils are original, nor do we represent that the fragrance oils we carry as exact copies.

Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison. This Website as no affiliation to and is not associated or sponsored by any of fragrance trademark owner.

We simply ask the consumer to compare the price, style, and quality of the designer brand products to Gold Star Fragrance products.

These are perfume oils and not original perfumes or colognes. All of our fragrances are high quality, persistent and do not contain alcohol.

Important: None of our oils are meant for human consumption.

Note: This statement is valid as of December 2016 and is subject to change without notice. For additional information, contact Gold Star Fragrances, Inc.