Link to Gold Star Administration Sites

Gold Star Shop Admin

Go to Gold Star’s Shop Administration to manage the shopping cart content and settings. Do NOT make changes to transactions, if using Ship Station.


Fragrance Spreadsheet

Click icon to create export of fragrances in excel or google doc spreadsheet that provides name, prices and if the product is available online.

Facebook Page

Click icon to view current facebook page.  Page belongs to


Ship Station Admin

Use this link to go to Ship Station to manage shipping orders and printing labels.


Gold Star Customer Support

Go to Gold Star’s Customer support to manage tickets by resolving the issue and marking them closed if you have satisfied the customer request. (Only form, not ticket system yet)

Update QuikScent

You can use this to update the QuikScent page if you just added a new fragrance. You only need to use it if you want to added it immediately. The page automatically updates twice a day.

Payeezy Payment Gateway

Use this link to monitor order payments, make changes to payments and refund payments.


XyWebMedia Support

Use this link to request support from XyWebMedia for adding Content, making programming changes and if the site is not working correctly..